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ALC 13 presentation have got PDF
Project | 01
|have got
  • What is the syntactic and semantic difference between have got and have gotten?

  • Distribution of got and gotten in different dialects

  • Tense and modality interactions with have got

  • Negation and yes-no questions and have got

  • Scottish English have got

Project | 02
|Hebrew multiple wh-fronting​
  • What is the structure which allows Hebrew to asymmetrically move its wh-words?

  • Location for base generation of 'eyx' (=how)

  • MwhF in sentences with eyx and other wh-words

Project | 03
|German case morphology​
  • How can the German case paradigm be explained with as few morphemes as possible?

  • Default case morpheme

  • Distributed Morphology

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